Taste & Quality

Raising cattle on a diet made up entirely of natural grasses and forages allows beef to develop the savory natural flavors that cannot be found in grain-fed beef. While grass-fed beef is known to be leaner and contain less marbling than grain-fed beef, the natural flavor that develops as a result of their grass-fed diets ensures that there is no lack of flavor.

Grass Fed Beef Taste and Quality

Panorama’s partnering ranchers work to maintain strong genetics in their herds to ensure their cattle produce beef that is juicy, flavorful and evenly marbled. When cooking grass-fed beef, it is important to remember that is leaner than grain-fed beef, as a result grass-fed beef cooks about 30% faster. As with all beef, when cooking your grass-fed beef, you should carefully monitor it to prevent overcooking and loss of tenderness. For more tips on cooking grass-fed beef download our Cooking Tips here.

All Panorama Meats’ products are Whole 30 Approved as well as Paleo Approved by the Paleo Foundation.
                                    Panorama Meats is Whole 30 Approved
                                    Panorama Meats is Paleo Approved

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