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Siskiyou County lies as far north in California as you can get, straddling Interstate 5 and touching the Oregon state line. It’s there that brothers Buffy and Brandy Fisher and their families operate the 500-acre Double BRC Ranch, raising about 300 head of Angus-cross cattle for Panorama Meats.

Although there was ranching in their family’s past, the brothers, who grew up in Sacramento, only got into ranching themselves about 10 years ago—something that distinguishes them from a lot of their neighbors who’ve been at it for generations. They decided to produce organic, grass-fed beef both because this focus made economic sense given their ranch’s small size, and because their land, in an area known as the Scott Valley just south of the tiny town of Fort Jones (population 600), could easily gain Certified Organic status.

“We have a strong belief in the benefits of organic methods,” says Brandy Fisher. “It’s a better way of life for animals and people, and it’s leaving the world a better place for our kids.” Both brothers and their wives wanted to raise their families in an agricultural environment. The families feel that it is “a good learning environment for life.”

Their land, ranging from 2,200 to 2,500 feet and spanning riverbed, open pastures and forest, gives their animals a variety of forage and grazing areas. Along with tending their herd, the Fishers grow hay and have horses.

The brothers like their ranch’s relatively small size. “Because we’re small, we can tackle problems quickly,” Brandy Fisher noted. ” Our small size also enables us to get creative about how we handle problems. Rather than use chemicals as quick fix, we look for alternative ways to solve pest, weed and fertility problems.”

The Fisher wives, their kids, and even the brothers’ parents all help out with the ranch in a variety of ways. It’s a family affair.


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